Product Description

The Koop Chair, designed by Karim Rashid, is a great example of a product that provides semi-private seating.  Because of its egg-like shape you get visual privacy.  You can read a magazine, work on your laptop, or enjoy a private phone call in perfect peace.  And because of its shape the Koop Chair does give you some sound protection, compared to a normal chair.  Studies have shown that increased peace improves productivity, so the welcome respite provided by this semiprivate space will surely have an effect.

In a world of straight edges, sharp angles and hard lines it's easy to appreciate what Karim Rashid has done by introducing secluded, soft comfort into the business environment.  The Koop Chair, in short, is a welcome alternative to other available products.  This organic, soft and round object feels inviting, friendly and warm in a physical way.